Our Most Recent Reviews

I’m thrilled to report that Scott Makseyn of Home Helpers, Inc. did an outstanding job. I’m a N.C. Real Estate Broker and it is very important that I build a reliable vendor base who I can count on and trust. Scott made the cut – hands down. A few years ago, we moved back to my home state leaving Chesapeake, VA. I have worked with many home inspectors over the last 8 years as a real estate professional. Scott is someone that I recommend for many different reasons. First, his promptness for getting back to me was extraordinary. I contacted 3 home inspectors, 2 of which told me that they couldn’t give me a day or time when they had an opening and the other never called me back. Scott, on the other hand stayed in contact with me up until our scheduled appointment. Secondly, Scott arranged for a termite inspection, performed a radon test and did a thorough home inspection on a very large house that had been a foreclosure (which sat empty for months). Thankfully he addressed all my areas of concern, went beyond what most inspectors do anymore. He actually crawled up on the roof, and into the attic to look for the source of an old water leak. He didn’t just use binoculars, which I perssonally do not like. Thirdly, Scott used the latest technology and was able to test and rate various mechanical systems. I felt confident in his assessments and findings. He addressed all the findings no matter how large or small and advised the homeowners any areas that needed focused attention. Thankfully, the worrisome areas were still minor, surprisingly. Finally, Home Helpers, Inc was very reasonablly prices. No charge was out of line and actually for the service we received, I think Scott was a bargain. I would strongly recommend him and plan to use/suggest his company to all my clients. It is with great pleasure I can give Scott and Home Helpers two thumbs.

If you are in need of an inspector, call them. Scott (the inspector’s name) was awesome! One of the best things about Scott was that he agreed to accompany my wife and myself on a second showing of a home we were considering purchasing. A HUGE RECOMMEND! See, the advantage here is that you can pick his brain for future costs of repairs and know what you are getting into. What most people don’t know is that sellers do not have to fix things as long as those things are “performing as intended.” So even though a roof will need replacement in less than two years, as long as it is doing its job now, the inspector can’t comment. Now the drawback in waiting to discover these things once an offer has been made is that you are locked in to the contract unless the cost of “necessary” repairs exceeds a figure around $5,000. Focus on the word “necessary.” This place we were considering purchasing had multiple things which would need addressing within a year but since they were “doing their job” now, we could not request they be repaired. Why do I mention this? Scott and his company were the only ones who agreed to come with me and my wife to do this. I contacted others who were rated well on here and they brushed off my request as “unnecessary.” Don’t know about you, but I find saving several thousand dollars in repairs pretty necessary. So I started asking around at work and two people recommended Home Helpers. In short we gave the aforementioned home a pass, found another and made an offer. Scott did that inspection too. He is very thorough, personable and professional. He welcomes you to accompany him on the inspection and breaks up the process into three stages so that he can review with you issues that he noticed. He missed nothing and his report was off the chart! You can’t beat being able to go with your inspector and watch. Gives you a great feeling when you are making the biggest purchase of your life. Call him…you will not be disappointed!.

Cliff Wermig was not only on time but early. He did a very careful and thorough evaluation of the potential purchase spending over three hours. The full report was emailed the night of the inspection. I am in the process of purchasing my ninth house. This was the best home inspection I have ever had.

Cliff was extremely thorough! I’m a first time home buyer so I was concerned about what the inspection report might turn up. But Cliff spent 3 hours inspecting the house and then walked me through his findings step by step, answering all my questions.

Scott, Thanks for your great services! You actually inspected my mother’s home when I was a child/teen. Now, 10 years later, I’m purchasing my own home and looked up your number from her old documents. I remembered that you were very thorough.

The inspection went well today with Cliff arriving on time and inspecting the home thoroughly and bearing with my questions and answering them so that I understood what I should be looking for. The termite inspection was also performed to find no infestation. Thank you for getting the inspection and report done so quickly.

Hi Scott, Just wanted to give you feedback that after receiving your report, we decided to exercise our due diligence and not buy the home. Although it was a lovely house, we had already done all the crawlspace and foundation work in our present house and know how much this could cost. We were paying a very high price per square foot and thought we had mostly cosmetic work to do. I think both the owners and us were surprised by the problems, the crawl space/foundation issues were potentially much more problematic and had the potential to be exorbitant in cost to fix and cause more long term problems. As this was going to be the house we would eventually retire in, we decided to stay put with our present home. We feel like we’ve dodged a potentially very expensive bullet and thank you again. I don’t think you need recommendations but if you ever do, feel free to use us!

Cliff was a pleasure to work with, and we plan on using your services again when construction is complete. We will also require your services for my mother-in-law’s house, which is in the same development. We will be in touch again soon, as they are framing their house now.Thanks again

Scott thank you for the nice report. Glad I hired you. -Bhavna

Thank you again Scott for being so professional and prompt with everything -Rajeev

Thank you Scott. I look forward to working with you again in the future. -John

Hi Scott, thank you SO much for doing this! I really appreciate it!! -Brittainy

It was great meeting you today. Thank you for getting this out to us so fast! Thanks for your time and investment in our new home! -Andy and Cindy

Hi Scott, Thank you, I enjoyed working with you and feel confident that you explained all of the homes systems. The report contains all items that we reviewed and discussed. Please contact me if you have any questions. -John R Robinson

Thank you very much Scott. Your service is excellent. -Augusto

We were very pleased with Cliff. He was very through and explained everything very well. He even answered some of my follow up questions. I would refer friends and family to him. -Erica

Scott, Thanks you for the thorough examination of our property and the recommended repairs. We appreciate your attention to detail. -Tom

Thank you for the quick turnaround, Cliff. It was a pleasure working with you. -Rich Yacovone

Thanks for providing such a great service to new home buyers and the community. -Robin

Thank you for your service. We will definitely contact you if we need additional help, or if we have friends who need their homes inspected. -Paromita

Cliff, Thank you so much for your service and professionalism, it was a great pleasure to work with you and thrilled with your detailed explanation to the simple questions I had. -Murali Lagisetty

Scott- you’re awesome! -Ronda Jackson

Thanks so much for all your help. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Next house, of course I will have you come inspect it, and hopefully we will have a better house to inspect. -Reid

Cliff, I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and your thoroughness in dealing with us at the home site in Covington. I also appreciate the flexibility of getting to this on such short notice. I am confident your report will also reflect your professionalism and thoroughness. -Pritesh

Dear Cliff, Thanks very much for the detailed radon test report. It appears we are well be low the 4.0 pCi/L level on average. Thanks very much for your help, -Laura McConnell

Thanks for following up, Scott. Love that we were able to take care of business from scheduling to getting the report, all online. Appreciate Cliff getting the report to us so quickly too. Thanks for making this process so streamlined. -Chris and Shirl Gully

Thank you for everything, Scott!! We will gladly refer you to friends and family and keep you in mind for our future inspection needs. -Leah and Josh

Scott, Thank you very much for such a thorough inspection and the prompt report. It looks like we have a lot of issues to deal with. I will get back to you if we have any questions or need your expert opinion. Most likely we will. -Arun

Thank you very much Scott for the responses to our questions. We greatly appreciate your time and insight into the home inspection process. -Lara

You did a very thorough job today for my clients. Thanks Cliff. -Susan Ciccarelli

Thank you Scott for answering all my questions patiently, I do not know much of these things so have to ask you to educate myself. It was great doing business with you!! -Vinay

Cliff did a great job. Very thorough and thoughtful. -Neil

Hello Scott, Thank you for doing such a thorough inspection of the house. I feel better knowing what is right and wrong about our home and once the issues are addressed will have peace of mind knowing that our house is safe and hopefully problem free. -Michelle

Thank you Scott! I am very pleased with the report. Very professional! -Edi

Hi Scott, Thank you for your detailed inspection and report! -Yao

Thanks again for your service you were thorough…I learned some things today also. -Jordyn

Scott, That is really quick! Many Thanks! -Liqun

Thank you for a thorough inspection. It’s amazing what can be found when one knows what to look for. -Markus